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Heart Failure Specialist Nurse Service

Four members of the heart failure specialist nurses team in purple uniform stood outside.

Heart Failure Specialist Nurse Service

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Four members of the heart failure specialist nurses team in purple uniform stood outside.

Useful information for patients

Being diagnosed with a heart condition can be overwhelming. Always speak to your healthcare professional if you are unsure about anything.

Here are some information links you may find it useful to read:

Symptom management

Within the heart failure service we aim to help patients understand and monitor their symptoms in order to self-manage and improve their quality of life. To learn more about possible symptoms that may be related to your heart please click on the following links.

Shortness of breath

This can be for many reasons such as having heart failure, an irregular pulse, a lung condition or many other reasons. Below are some links to help you manage your breathlessness.

Breathing techniques to ease breathlessness (Leaflet 3) | CUH

Positions to ease breathlessness (Leaflet 4) | CUH

Hand-held fan (Leaflet 2) | CUH

Videos from our respiratory team. There are seven in total: click the button on the top right to see the list.

Fluid retention such as leg, ankle swelling or bloated abdomen

Many people get some element of ankle swelling when they have been on their feet all day, have varicose veins or are overweight, it can be nothing to worry about.  However, it may be a sign of fluid retention due to your heart failure.

Weighing yourself regularly is something you can do – sudden weight gain may mean too much fluid is building up in your body and will need treated.

Elevate your legs when sat where able. Moisturise your legs if they look dry.

Monitor your weight using this daily weight chart: Daily Weight Monitoring Chart


Report any dizziness to your Heart Failure Nurse or GP, especially if it occurs after taking your medication.

Learn more about dizziness here: Dizziness – NHS (


Learn more about tiredness here: Why am I tired all the time? – NHS (


Learn more about Angina here: Angina – NHS (

Cold hands and feet

It can be normal to have cold hands and feet if you are on beta blockers. If so take measures to wrap up warmly, such as thicker socks and gloves. If you have cold hands or feet, and one is different to the other, is pale, painful, a strange colour then you need to see a doctor.

Erectile dysfunction

It’s not uncommon for gentlemen with heart failure and taking beta blocker medication such as bisoprolol tablets to experience some erectile dysfunction. Learn more about erectile dysfunction here: Erectile dysfunction (impotence) – NHS (


Here are some links with information about potential treatments to help with the symptoms of heart failure

Medication and Pacemakers:  Heart failure – Treatment – NHS (   `

Dapagliflozin/Forxiga: Forxiga-HeartFailure-PatientBooklet.pdf

We are a team of four Heart Failure Nurse Specialists who manage and support patients with chronic heart failure (caused by left ventricular systolic dysfunction) and their carers and families in the community of Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven.

Our aim is to help patients achieve the best possible quality of life through all stages of their heart failure journey. We strive to ensure patients remain at home or their preferred place of care, to avoid hospital admission where possible.

We work alongside Cardiologists, General Physicians, GPs and other healthcare professionals to ensure a collaborative approach when devising your management plans. The team offer advanced clinical assessments and are all non-medical prescribers to ensure appropriate medications for heart failure are tailored to individual needs.

We offer education and support for patients, their carers and members of the multi-disciplinary team.

Clinics are located at Airedale Hospital, Skipton Hospital, Ilkley Coronation Hospital, Keighley Health Centre, Settle Health Centre and Bentham Surgery. We offer home visits and telephone support for patients that are house bound.

Contact the team

If you are already known to the Heart Failure Nurses and require some advice regarding your condition,  please contact the team on: 01535 294555

To change an appointment date/time: 01535 294554

Please note we have an answerphone service and messages will be retrieved daily Monday to Friday.