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Elderly care and Stroke

Elderly care and Stroke

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The geriatric department at Airedale hospital treats a full range of medical conditions in the elderly including falls, poor mobility, osteoporosis, anaemia, heart failure, COPD, non specific presentations, degenerative, neurological conditions and polypharmacy. facilities are also available for investigations of falls and syncope.

Stroke medicine

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust is committed to delivering a safe, fast and effective acute stroke service 24 hours a day throughout the year with the support of Bradford Teaching Hospital Foundation Trust who will provide initial hyperacute assessment, treatment and stroke care.

Patients are repatriated back to Airedale from Bradford Teaching Hospital Foundation Trust once they no longer require intense monitoring, for their acute and rehabilitation care. This is usually within 24-72 hours of the stroke.

Transient Ischaemic Attacks

We also have a special service for patients who have had stroke-like symptoms but which have improved by the time they are seen. These episodes are called Transient Ischaemic Attacks (TIAs) and can be a sign that a person will go on to have a stroke. The greatest risk of stroke is within the 72 hours of having a TIA, so we aim to see suspected TIA patients as soon as possible.

Our rapid-assessment TIA service operates each morning Monday to Friday. We see, assess and treat all high-risk TIA patients within 24 hours of their referral. Low risk TIA patients are seen within 7 days.

For more information about stroke and advice on people and services that can help you and your family cope with the long-term effects and more information about life after stroke, visit The Stroke Association.

Contact Details

Ward Sister
Shinta Joseph – 01535 292051

Stroke Specialist Nurses
Pam Beaumont and Katie Lister – 01535 292115

Community Stroke team: 01535 293425

Stroke Consultant Secretary
Gillian Feather – 01535 292055

TIA Senior Healthcare Support Worker
Karen Martin – 01535 652511

Stroke Advice Line
01535 292115 (Not for emergency use)

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