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Children’s audiology

Children’s audiology

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Our paediatric audiology service is located on-site at Airedale hospital.

How to access our service

If you have concerns about your child’s hearing then you can ask for a hearing test from your GP or paediatrician. There are a number of other professionals who can refer your child into our service such as health visitors, school nurses and speech therapists.

child at an appointment

What to expect at your appointment

If your child has any special requirements please let us know and we will do our best to make you comfortable whilst you wait. At your appointment time you will be called in to one of our sound proof rooms where you will be greeted by a senior audiologist who specialises in paediatric testing. Depending on which kind of hearing test is required there may be another member of staff present to assist with testing.  The typical length of an appointment is 30 minutes.

During the appointment the audiologist will ask you a series of questions to help us understand your child’s health. The audiologist will have a look in your child’s ear and will perform a hearing test appropriate for your child’s developmental stage. This will usually involve some form of play activity whilst listening to sounds played from a speaker or some headphones.

Once testing is complete the audiologist will explain the results and discuss an appropriate management plan for your child. This may include:

  • A period of monitoring
  • A referral to another health care professional such as ear, nose and throat doctor or speech therapist
  • A fitting of a digital hearing aid to assist in helping your child access sounds they may struggle to hear naturally

For further information about childhood deafness you can visit

New-born hearing screen

If your child has recently had their new-born hearing screening, you may be asked to attend audiology to see a specialist audiologist who can test your baby’s hearing. We allow up to 1 hour 30 minutes for these appointments and the hearing test is carried out while your baby sleeps. Please feel free to bring a bottle of milk, a change of nappy and anything to help settle your child such as a dummy or blanket.

Transition from paediatric to adult service

When a young adult is around 14-16 years old we begin the transition from our paediatric service to the adult service. This process supports the young adult through this transition however still promoting independence. The transition period will last until the young adult is within their mid-twenties or when they are confident with the new service.

The appointments include:

  • Yearly hearing assessments
  • Regular meetings with your transition audiologist
  • Discussing future plans and consideration
  • Update and adjust hearing aids as appropriate
  • Encourage the young adult to take full responsibility of their hearing aids

Within these appointments the young adult is able to discuss any concerns they may have with their hearing loss or hearing aids. The appointment can be requested at an earlier date if required by contacting the audiology department.

Please contact the team if you have any questions about the service on 01535 293646.