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Giving consent

The member of staff looking after you will ask if you are happy for the examination to go ahead. This is called verbal consent. For some complex examinations you may be asked to give written consent, which means you will need to sign to say you are happy to have the examination performed. Your consultant will discuss this with you beforehand if you are required to do so.
It is your choice to change your mind at any time, although please bear in mind any delay having your examination may delay a diagnosis.
Please feel free to ask a member of our radiology team if you have any questions prior to, during or after your examination.

When will I find out my results?

Generally electronic results are available to the person who referred you for the examination within 48 working hours. However in some cases it can take up to 10 days for the paper results to arrive with the referring doctor.

Do I need to prepare for my examination?

Different examinations require different preparations and you will receive relevant instructions for your type of scan with your booking information prior to you coming to the hospital. For some types of examinations, you may be asked to not eat or drink for a number of hours prior to your scan.