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DrDoctor online service

DrDoctor online service

DrDoctor digital letters and appointment texts

DrDoctor is an online service that allows you to access your appointment information in one place without the need of paper letters. Airedale has been working in partnership with DrDoctor to bring you your appointment information in new ways.

If you receive a text message from the mobile number +447860039092 or 07860039092, please be assured that this is a legitimate message from the DrDoctor service and not a scam.

Digital Letters

You now have the ability to access your appointment letters digitally via a text message from DrDoctor. By opening the link provided in this text message you will be able to access your appointment letter on your mobile device and read it the same way just as you would have if you received it in the post.

If you do not wish to receive your letters this way and do not open the link – don’t worry. Your letter will still be sent to you in the post as usual if we see that you have not accessed the link so there is no risk of you not receiving your letters.

Appointment Notifications and Reminders

In partnership with DrDoctor, we will soon be introducing appointment notifications in the coming months. These notifications will be sent to you by text and will be designed to let you know when you have had an appointment booked and to remind you of your appointment as the date nears.

As well as this, these messages will allow you to access your own patient portal which will let you know the date, time, and place of your appointment, as well as the format it will take place in – for example, if this is to be a face to face, telephone, or any other kind of appointment.

By having this information to hand in one place we hope this new service will help you to manage and keep track of your appointments with ease and provide clear information, so you never accidentally miss an appointment.

More information on this service and other new ways we can help you manage your appointments with DrDoctor will be shared in the coming months.