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Antenatal clinic

Antenatal clinic

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Our antenatal clinic is situated within the maternity unit and can be accessed via a separate entrance for children’s outpatients and the antenatal clinic.  We also run two satellite clinics in the community if this is more convenient for you.  Our experienced staff have the expertise to look after women with complex pregnancies or medical conditions which may impact their pregnancy.

Pregnant Woman


We are located in building 22, location B20

You may not need to visit all locations during your pregnancy. We also provide antenatal and postnatal care in the community, and support home birth.

Pregnant patient walking into the antenatal clinic entrance


We hold specialist clinics here for women who:

  • Already have a medical condition (such as diabetes)
  • Have had a problem in a previous pregnancy
  • Develop problems during their pregnancy
  • Are expecting more than one baby
  • Any other type of pregnancy related conditions

If problems develop during pregnancy, you community midwife may refer you to our antenatal clinic to be seen by one of our consultant obstetricians.

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