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Maternity Assessment Centre

Maternity Assessment Centre

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The maternity assessment centre (MAC) is a telephone advice and assessment service for women who are more than 16 weeks pregnant and have serious concerns about their pregnancy.

Who do we see

We see women in the unit:

  • who have abdominal pain or bleeding (minimal) at any stage during their pregnancy;
  • who think their baby may be moving less;
  • who think their ‘waters’ may have broken;
  • who feel that they may be in labour; and
  • for any other reason where there is a concern about their pregnancy.


The unit can be found in zone B location B8 (opposite ward 19, location B7).

MAC can be contacted on 01535 292120/292410 during opening hours:

08.30 to 19.00, Monday to Friday.

For any of the above concerns out of hours (or if the telephone in MAC is not answered) please contact the labour ward on 01535 292402 and a midwife will be happy to help you.

For all non-urgent pregnancy advice, please contact your community midwife or GP.