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Covid Advice

Covid Advice

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Covid-19: Important information for women and their birth partners when attending our Maternity Unit or Community appointments

We understand that you will be worried about what Coronavirus means for you and your baby and we are doing all we can to keep you safe. We have reduced the number of face to face contacts you will need during your pregnancy, carrying out some as telephone consultations.
All staff wear personal protective equipment (apron, gloves, eye protection and face mask) when in close contact with you. When you arrive for your appointment we will ask you about your health and that of your household members. Please do not attend the hospital if you have symptoms of coronavirus. Please phone us to discuss your well-being and plan of care. We may still wish to see you.

Antenatal Scans and Appointments

One adult is able to accompany you to all scans and antenatal appointments; this should either be your partner or someone from your support bubble. They are also able to accompany you to any maternity assessment centre appointments and any attendances on the labour ward.
You and your support partner must have performed a lateral flow test before coming to all antenatal and maternity hospital-related attendances. This is to help to reduce the transmission of coronavirus. You will be asked if you have performed this test when you arrive at the unit.
If you have a positive lateral flow test result please arrange for a coronavirus swab at your local testing centre and contact your named midwife or the antenatal administration team on the contact number on your letter or in this leaflet.

Please remember that antenatal care is ESSENTIAL for the health of you and your baby so please keep all your appointments.

If you develop symptoms of coronavirus when a face to face appointment is due, please telephone 01535 294212 so we can discuss a plan of care.
To order lateral flow test kits for use at home visit

COVID-19 update

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust aims to maintain all of our maternity pathways and where possible will use technology to reduce the number of face to face contacts. We understand that you will be worried about what Coronavirus means for you and your baby and we are doing all we can to keep you safe.

We have produced a leaflet with all our coronavirus information and advice here:

Airedale Maternity Advice COVID-19 (Patient Leaflet) V8

Coronavirus: knowing the risks and taking care of yourself, particularly for women from a black, Asian or minority ethnic background.

A team across West Yorkshire, including some of our own clinicians, have made a series of films in community languages (Bengali, Dari, Punjabi, Urdu, Romanian and English) to explain the signs and symptoms of coronavirus infection and how to protect yourself during your pregnancy. You can watch the films here.

NHS pregnancy advice

You can find more information about pregnancy and coronavirus on the NHS website here:

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