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Maternity Parent Education

Maternity Parent Education

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Parent Education sessions currently on offer

At Airedale NHS Foundation Trust we believe that every woman and family booked to receive maternity care through our Trust should expect a high standard of antenatal education as it is an important and valued element of our maternity services. Physical, emotional and intellectual preparation can have a huge impact on birth outcomes and effective parent education can significantly increase the likelihood of a normal birth and a healthy baby – both are factors which will enhance the transition to parenthood.

Our classes remain online for the time being and are delivered via MS Teams. This can be accessed on any device with access to the internet, without the need to download an app. We offer a variety of classes and you can attend at any time during your pregnancy, but we suggest that between 28 to 36 weeks of pregnancy is ideal. Spaces are limited per class to ensure quality and therefore it is advisable to book early, Please book following your 20 week Ultrasound scan.Parent Education sessions aim to be informative, fun, interactive and relevant to you! If there are any other classes you would like to see, please contact us with your suggestions!

If you would like to book any Parent Education sessions please contact Single Point of Access team on 01535 292411 or 292412.

If you would like any information about our services in different languages or formats, please contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) on 01535 294019 or email

Core Sessions

There are currently three core sessions on offer, each lasting around 2hrs. We encourage you to book all three as a course, although this is not mandatory. We have also introduced a Weekend Workshop where all three sessions are delivered in one day. This runs from 10.30 to 16.00 with breaks built in. Please see below for a brief overview of what they cover. If you would like to book any sessions, or to enquire about availability, please contact Single Point of Access team on 01535 292411 or 292412.

We encourage your main birth partner to attend any virtual sessions with you. An additional link can be sent for them if they are unable to be with you physically. Please provide both email addresses at time of booking.

Session 1. Labour and Birth
The aim of the session is to enable participants to learn about the labour process and to find out about a variety of coping techniques to enable you to have a calm, confident and positive approach to labour and the birth of your baby. Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer the ‘stork walk’ tour of our unit but we will discuss where you come when you attend hospital in labour.

Session 2. Comfort Options and When Nature Needs a Hand
The first half of this session will provide you with information about the pain relief options available to you both for home births and hospital births at Airedale General Hospital. This session includes information on water birth. The second half of the session covers induction of labour, what happens if your birth needs assistance and caesarean section birth. You are welcome to log off half way if you feel the second half of the session may worry you, but we encourage you to complete it so if any interventions are recommended, you are fully informed. As one of our recent participants said…
“This session provided a good insight to many possible outcomes in a way that eased my mind and helped me know that I’d be okay if my labour required any of them.”

Session 3. Caring for your baby: building a positive relationship
This session gives you information about how you can meet your baby’s needs and the importance of a close and loving relationship. It includes information about how a baby’s brain develops and practical information about meeting the needs of a newborn and safe sleeping.

Breastfeeding Workshop

As of February 2022, we are happy to be offering a breastfeeding workshop. This session will take you through the reasons to breastfeed, the basics of positioning and attachment and look at some of the obstacles you may encounter. We will also share with you a list of support groups available in the local area and national helplines and video links for you to refer back to.Bring a teddy along to your virtual session if you’d like to try positioning a ‘baby’ and a ball of socks to practice your hand expression technique!

One to one sessions

We offer one to one sessions should you require specific support during your pregnancy.
Please contact to discuss or ask your community midwife to refer you.

Breathing and relaxation for birth

New sessions starting February 2023.

This hour-long session will focus on how to use breathing techniques and relaxation to help you to feel in control of your birth experience.


Bookings can be made via the Single Point of Access team on 01535 292411 or 292412.

Please book once you have had your 20 week Ultrasound scan.If you have any specific enquiries please email Ifyou are unable to attend a class please let us know as soon as possible so your place can be offered to another person and we can organise an alternative date for you to attend.

Feedback from people who have attended our classes:

“The sessions were all informative, not patronising, laid back, could ask questions without judgement. Clare was interactive with the group. Really useful for first time parents especially.”

“Clare was lovely and very knowledgeable during the sessions. We were really happy with the sessions.”

“There was some valuable information on pain management and breastfeeding that will be really useful during the birth of my baby. “