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Caroline Lowe

Smiling face of Caroline Lowe

Ward 21 Manager

Job role

Ward 21 joint manager

Area of responsibility

Together with my colleague Clare, we are responsible for ensuring  Ward 21 is a safe, efficient and productive ward. We have a responsibility to ensure staff working on the ward are fully supported to provide high quality and safe care to all our women and families.

Point of contact at the hospital

Telephone:  01535 292386

Smiling face of Caroline Lowe

Professional background

I qualified as a midwife in 1995, and have worked at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust since 2009. Prior to undertaking my midwifery training I qualified as a registered nurse and worked at Leeds General Infirmary. I am grateful for all the opportunities my midwifery career has provided me with both here at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust and in my previous Trust.

I have worked in a variety of different maternity settings including Antenatal/Postnatal Ward, Labour ward, Obstetric theatre, Maternity Assessment Centre, and for 3 years I worked as Airedale NHS Foundation Trust Parent Education midwife. I am passionate about ensuring women are supported during their pregnancy journey and ensuring that all  babies get the best start in life.