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Ward 21

Ward 21

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*During the covid pandemic we are unable to support partners staying over on the postnatal ward and visiting is restricted (see covid update pages for current information)*

On Ward 21, after the birth of your baby we welcome partners (male or female) to stay over. Women report finding their partner help and support following birth invaluable. Partners have told us that it helps assist them with the transition to family life and they feel more involved.

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Some of the side rooms have beds available for partners to stay over. If your partner is staying we ask they bring their own bedding and a pillow. We can’t make food or offer your partner meals; however the hospital does have a restaurant to purchase food. There is also a designated shower/washroom for partners to use.
While on the ward, you will be cared for by midwives. You will also see our health care support workers who will help with day to day needs and our maternity support workers who can assist with infant feeding. Obstetric doctors and paediatricians will see you if needed, and the hearing screeners and physiotherapists all visit the ward daily.

Newborn and family


How long you remain in Ward 21 will depend upon your individual needs, but on average the length of stay following birth is 24-48 hours.

Ward 21 is at location B18.

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You may not need to visit all locations during your pregnancy. We also provide antenatal and postnatal care in the community and support home birth.

Visiting times and ward locations

Many of our wards offer flexible visiting for carers. If you are a carer, please speak to the nurse in charge about access flexible visiting or download the leaflet for John’s Campaign further down.

Ward 21
Location B18

Visiting times
Partners and women’s own children – anytime
Others 14.00 to 16.00 and 19.00 to 20.00

Telephone number
01535 292211

Any other information
Limited to three visitors per bed.
No other children are allowed to visit other than siblings.


Ward 21 is a 15 bedded maternity ward, with a mixture of side rooms and bays, providing care for women during pregnancy and following birth.

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