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Orthopaedics, trauma, head and neck

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Orthopaedics, trauma, head and neck

Welcome to the orthopaedics department at Airedale Hospital.

Trauma orthopaedics
All types of musculoskeletal trauma are treated at Airedale Hospital (although we are unable to perform spinal surgery.)
Some emergency cases, including hand injuries, may be referred directly from the emergency department to other hospitals.


Ward 9 Zone A A19

Contact details

More information coming soon

What to expect on your visit

Our specialist services

We offer the following Elective orthopaedics here at the hospital


First time (primary) and complex re-do (revision) hip replacement plus related procedures.
Hip resurfacing in selected patients (Mr Ravindran only)


First time (primary) and complex re-do (revision) knee replacement plus related procedures.
Unicompartmental knee replacement (‘half’ knee replacements) in selected patients (Mr Hopton only)
Arthroscopic (keyhole) knee procedures including ligament reconstruction (ACL etc)
Patella (knee cap) instability procedures


Shoulder replacement and related procedures
Arthroscopic (key hole) shoulder surgery
Tendon and ligament surgery (rotator cuff, shoulder instability etc)


Arthroscopic (key hole) elbow surgery

Wrist and Hand

Treatment of all rheumatoid and osteoarthritis conditions including joint replacement and fusion
Treatment of duypuytrens contracture
Treatment of nerve compressions syndroms (carpal tunnel syndrome etc)
Other hand conditions

Foot and Ankle

Arthroscopic (key hole) ankle surgery
Treatment of arthritis
Hindfoot corrective surgery
Forefoot / Toe corrective surgery (including hallux valgas (bunion) surgery etc)
Treatment of nerve compression syndromes

Musculoskeletal Tumours

Investigation and onward referral to tertiary centres.

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