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Outpatients Service

Outpatients Service

Our philosophy within the Outpatients Department is to treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Patients are to be given the appropriate information, treatment and support.

We aim to provide a welcoming and safe environment to all our patients and on arrival to the department; patients will be greeted by our experienced reception and nursing staff.

We frequently audit our service in order to continually enhance our patient’s experience.

More about us

You will see our Outpatient service listed in all these specialist areas:

Breast SurgeryCardiologyEar Nose & Throat
EndocrinologyGastroenterologyGeneral Surgery
OphthalmologyOrthodonticsPlastic Surgery
Stroke MedicineUrologyTrauma & Orthopedics
Vascular Surgery
Contact details

Outpatient services across 3 sites:

  • Airedale General Hospital
    (Main OPD, Richardson Suite, Day Hospital for the Elderly)
  • Skipton General Hospital
  • Ilkley Coronation Hospital 

Who we are

The Outpatient nursing team is made up of Qualified Staff Nurses, Senior Health care support workers & Health Care Support workers. They are key members in delivering high quality support to the clinical nurse specialists and consultants and are committed to providing the highest standard of care. 

More Information on our senior staff, consultants and specialist teams COMING SOON
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My patient journey

Assessments, appointments and booking

Attending Outpatients

What you need to know about the start of your patient pathway with us


What this means for your appointment


What you need to know when coming to an appointment

We value your feedback

Here's how to give us feedback on our service

Waiting list validation text messages

Why have I received a waiting list validation text message?

We are contacting patients to check if they still need a hospital procedure or appointment.

Patients will receive a text message to their mobile phone that will ask if they still need to be seen. We have included information on this page about the text message we are sending out. This is so patients know the text message is genuine.

We are sorry if you have encountered delays in accessing our services. We know that the delay to your medical care may be causing concern. We also know that when people wait a long time to be seen, some problems may resolve or alternative treatments may have been found.

Please let us know if you no longer need to be seen as this will allow us to offer the appointment to another patient in need.

Thank you for your patience, you have not been forgotten. We will contact you as soon as possible if you still need to be seen.

Who will the text message come from?

The text will be sent by the Hospital via DrDoctor. The number you will receive the text message from is +44 7860039092.

More information about DrDoctor can be at DrDoctor online service – Airedale NHS Foundation Trust (

What will the text message say and look like?

From: Airedale NHS Foundation Trust
Dear Patient
You are on a waiting list for an appointment with Airedale NHS Foundation Trust. This may already be booked.

The team would like to ask if you still want to be seen?
To reply please click the link below within 5 days. 
For more information visit

What do I need to do when I receive the text message?

Click on the link in the text message named

This will take you to an online question where you can select a Yes, No or Unsure option.

What will the question look like?

You are on a waiting list for an appointment, this may already be booked.

Would you like to stay on the waiting list / do you still want the appointment?

Choose Yes to stay on the waiting list and keep any booked appointments.

Choose No if you no longer need an appointment and you will be discharged back to your GP.

Choose Unsure and a member of our team will contact you.

What happens if I do not reply to the online question?

You will remain on the waiting list for an appointment or procedure. If you have a future appointment or procedure booked it will remain booked.

Is my information safe?

Yes. The information you submit will be used to validate our waiting list. Our duty to protect information and confidentiality is taken very seriously.


Visit the Dr Doctor website to find out more information about how your data is stored and used.

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Outpatients Service
Patients are asked to allow more time for travel