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Aalae Alkhalil

Aalae Alkhalil

Senior Cardiology Clinical Pharmacist and Medication Safety Officer

Job role
  • Working in collaboration with pharmacy colleagues and the quality and safety team on Trust-wide medication safety initiatives to identify initiatives to minimise risk from medication safety issues which have the potential to cause patient harm.
  • Supporting the Lead Pharmacist for Medicines Information & Clinical Governance in the developments of the pharmacy quality management systems and medicines governance throughout the Trust.
  • Participating in the clinical pharmacy service to the wards to deliver an effective and high-quality clinical pharmacy service.
  • Ensuring that the safety of the patient and their experience remains the focus of pharmacy services provided in line with the Trust’s “Right Care” principles.
  • Supervising the work of trainee and diploma pharmacists, to facilitate safe, effective, and cost-effective use of drugs to optimise patient care.
Area of responsibility

Cardiology and Medications Safety

Point of contact at the hospital


Telephone: 01535 29 3506

Aalae Alkhalil

Professional background

  • Independent Prescribing in Cardiology, School of Nursing, Bradford University. 2018
  • Diploma Hospital Pharmacy, School of Pharmacy, Bradford University. 2016
  • Postgraduate Diploma for Overseas Pharmacists (OSPAP). School of Pharmacy Aston University. 2014
  • PhD in Pharmaceutical Analysis. School of Pharmacy, University of Nottingham, 2013
  • Post-Graduate Degree in the Clinical Laboratory Diagnosis. Faculty of Pharmacy, Damascus University. 2006
  • MSc Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Faculty of Pharmacy, Damascus University. 2004

I have been privileged to be part of the wider team at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, undertaking clinical and teaching roles since 2015. I manage and handle the governance aspects of cardiology medicines in terms of dealing and reviewing incidence reports, handling unlicensed, non-formulary, and new drug requests by cardiologists.

I have also worked with the University of Bradford as a teacher practitioner in School of Pharmacy and associate physician students. I have been involved in developing new methods of online teaching during the pandemic. Alongside other colleagues of mine, I supported the Athena SWAN charter at the university to ensure equality and diversity are enhanced and maintained.

In the past, I have worked with the World Health Organisation (WHO) on “Measuring the Transparency to Improve Good Governance in the Public Pharmaceutical Sector in the Syrian Arab Republic”. The goal of the WHO Good Governance for Medicines program is to improve the situation of medicines regulation and supply, as well as evaluate compliance with the clinical governance within the Public Pharmaceutical Sectors according to defined measures.

Patient safety and clinical governance are key elements to ensure patients are receiving the best and safest clinical care; an area I am hoping to continue work on in collaboratively with the Safety and Clinical Governance team at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust.