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Andrew Gash

Andrew Gash

Lead Pharmacist, Technical Services & Clinical Trials

Job role
  • Leading the pharmacy aseptic services team which prepares and supplies high-risk, injectable medicines including chemotherapy for cancer patients, biologics, parenteral nutrition and a Centralised Intravenous Additive Service (CIVAS).
  • Leading the pharmacy aspects of clinical trials from setting up and managing studies with research nurses, to dispensing medicines and meeting the specific needs of the patient.
Area of responsibility

Pharmacy Aseptic Services, Clinical Trials, Paediatrics and Neonatal medicine.

Point of contact at the hospital

Telephone: 01535 293507

Andrew Gash

Professional background

After registering as a pharmacist in 2005, I followed a varied career path in both primary and secondary care, setting up new pharmacy services, group pharmacy management and a Superintendent position, building a new pharmacy business with GPs in primary care.

I then fulfilled a longstanding desire to work in clinical research by moving to the pharmaceutical industry and taking up a pharmacy management role for a leading contract research organisation, specialising in the clinical phase of drug development – a unique opportunity to work with Sponsors around the world, provide technical advice to clinical teams and liaise with UK regulatory bodies to first in human drug testing was safe and effective. I was responsible for ensuring the quality and safety of investigation medicinal products, manufactured in a GMP pharmacy manufacturing unit. It was this role that eventually led me to working with aseptic services and clinical trials in my current role here at Airedale.

My passion remains in clinical research, drug development and manufacture, and I feel lucky to be able to continue to develop these at Airedale and contribute to cancer services, neonatal and paediatric medicine.

Airedale is a special place to work and live and I am privileged to work with great people every day and develop our services to provide the best patient care.