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Sharon Langley

Sharon Langley

Lead Technician for Clinical Services

Job role

Leading and managing a team of technicians to deliver medicines management and clinical services to patients on the wards and delivering Warfarin clinic in Pharmacy

Area of responsibility

Pharmacy clinical service

Point of contact at the hospital

Telephone: 01535 293526

Sharon Langley

Professional background

I have been the lead technician for clinical services since January 2020.

My responsibilities include:

  • Managing and leading a team of medicines management technicians to deliver medicines management services on the wards
  • Delivering internal Warfarin clinics on a rotational basis in Pharmacy

I have worked at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust since July 2002. Although I already held a technician qualification, I started as a pharmacy assistant and worked through the ranks to become a technician then a senior technician as job opportunities arose.

I worked on secondment as lead technician for the EPMA project introducing electronic prescribing and medicines administration into the Trust before returning to pharmacy as lead technician for clinical systems and service improvement which then led to me becoming lead technician for clinical services.

I am keen to continually review, improve and increase clinical services delivered to patients.