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Telemedicine for Offender Health

Telemedicine for Offender Health

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Airedale Telemedicine for Offender Health (prisons/YOIs)

Airedale has been at the forefront of delivering remote, outpatient appointments in prisons/YOIs via secure video link since 2006.  The service is supported by a dedicated admin and clinical team with extensive experience in working with patients in a prison regime.

Clinics are primarily run by Airedale consultants, specialist nurses and therapists from clinic rooms in Airedale’s Dales suite.  We have worked with over 40 prisons across England and up to 15 specialties.


  • Airedale’s Digital Care Hub has a long history of proving remote healthcare which started with ‘Careline’ (Health in Justice/secure environments)
  • reduced cost and security risks associated with escorting patients out of prisons to their local hospital
  • relatively low waiting times compared to local provision
  • addressing service inequalities and bridging gaps in prison healthcare  – with associated reductions in A&E attendance and non-elective admissions
  • continuity of care for patients that transfer between prisons that we work with, particularly those with complex and long-term conditions
  • upskilling and supporting prison healthcare staff
  • use of a range of video platforms/software

Patients tell us that the introduction of these “virtual visits” has turned a negative experience into a positive one, saying they feel more relaxed and satisfied with the entire consultation and experience.

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Phone: 01535 294831