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Stammering services

Stammering services

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Stammering therapy for adults

Therapy is delivered by a highly specialist Speech and Language Therapist with many years’ experience of working with adults who stammer.

Watch our video to see what to expect from therapy.

Who is the service suitable for?

The service is suitable for any adult with a stammer for whom it’s causing a problem. The negative impact of stammering might include:

  • not feeling able to express yourself in the way you would like
  • feeling held back or discriminated against at work
  • avoiding conversations, social situations, phone calls, ordering food etc.

The service offers

  • Personalised therapy sessions which can be face to face or via video link.
  • Individualised notes and action plans to support your progress between appointments.
  • Assessment at first appointment and end of therapy to measure impact.
  • Other benefits include, if appropriate, putting clients in touch with other clients with a stammer to provide ongoing support to one another.

How it works

If you live in the Airedale area, you can refer yourself for therapy by emailing us at or calling 07789 945586

If you live outside of the Airedale area and are unable to access specialist NHS stammering therapy locally, your GP or local NHS Trust may be able to arrange the funding for you to have therapy with us. Alternatively you can choose to pay for the therapy yourself. Please contact us to discuss the best option for you.

If you have any questions at all about the service, contact Steph Burgess, specialist stammering therapist.


Phone: 07789 945586

Contact us

If you would like to apply or you have any queries about the stammering therapy telemedicine service please email: or telephone Steph Burgess on 07789 945 586.

For any queries please contact our stammering specialist:

Stephanie Burgess
Speech and Language Therapist
Clinical Lead for Stammering
Ilkley Coronation Hospital
01943 609666 /07789 945586

Further information about stammering