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Childrens’ outreach

We are a small team of experienced children’s community nurses and Health Care Support Workers who work together to provide excellent nursing care to children in the community. We work…
22 August 2021

Childrens’ diabetes

If your child is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, they'll be looked after by our children's diabetes care team until they're around 17 or 18. The care team will help…
22 August 2021

Childrens’ outpatients

Our outpatient clinics accommodate both routine and urgent appointments. Location Building 22, B20 Category Title: Template files NHS
22 August 2021

Child development centre

The Airedale Child Development Centre has a specialist team who work with children with a range of developmental difficulties. We aim to support the child and their family throughout their…
22 August 2021

Children’s Unit (Ward 17)

Our Children’s Unit is a 24 bedded facility, covering both day cases and acute admissions Location Ward 17, C20 Category Title: Template files NHS
22 August 2021

Acute and community paediatric service

Our community nursing team provides support to children at home. We seek to provide advice and support in prevention of avoidable admission. We are a team of specialist paediatricians who…
22 August 2021

Children’s services

Children’s Services form part of the Women, Children and Specialist Services Group within the Trust. Within Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, Children’s Services includes: Acute and Community Paediatrics, Neonatal Unit, Children’s…
22 August 2021