Our Services

Welcome to the services A-Z for Airedale NHS Foundation Trust. Here you will be able to find more information about our services and clinical teams. Use the links in the directory below to find the service you are looking for.

We are continually adding more information to all our service pages so please revisit these pages soon to learn more about our departments.

[wptab name=’A’]
Accident and emergency (also called casualty / emergency department)
Acute Assessment Unit (AAU)
AGH Solutions Ltd
Anticoagulant clinic (also called Warfarin clinic)
Audiology (also called hearing)[/wptab]

[wptab name=”B”]
Bereavement services
Blood Cancers (also called Haematology Cancers)
Blood tests
Bowel cancer (also called colorectal cancer)
Bowel surgery (also called colorectal surgery)
Breast Cancer[/wptab]

[wptab name=”C”]
Cancer (also called oncology)
Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist Nurse team
Castleberg Hospital
Chaplaincy (also called pastoral care / religious care / spiritual care)
Child development centre
Children’s services (also called paediatrics)
Clinical skills
Clinical trials (also called research)
Community care
Compliments, concerns and complaints
Continence nurse specialist service
Colorectal Cancer(also called bowel cancer)
Colorectal surgery (also called bowel surgery)
Colposcopy clinic
Community Specialist Nurse Service
Craven Collaborative Care Team
Craven Virtual Ward
Critical care (also called intensive care)[/wptab]

[wptab name=”D”]
Diabetic medicine
Dietetics (also called nutrition and dietetics)
DXA scanning[/wptab]

[wptab name=”E”]
Education centre
Elderly medicine (also called geriatric medicine)
Emergency department (also called casualty / accident and emergency)
Employee health and wellbeing services
Endocrinology and metabolic medicine
End of life care (also called palliative care)

[wptab name=”F”]

Frail Elderly Pathway[/wptab]

[wptab name=”G”]
General surgery (also called surgery / operation)
General surgery assessment (also called pre-operative assessment, surgery assessment, operation assessment)
Geriatric medicine (also called elderly medicine)
Gold Line (also called The Gold line)
Gynaecology (also called women’s health)
Gynaecological Cancer [/wptab]

[wptab name=”H”]
Haematological Cancer (also called Blood Cancers)
Heart Failure Specialist Nurse Service[/wptab]

[wptab name=”I”]
Information Services
Intensive care (also called critical care)
Interpreting (also called translation)
Imaging (also called radiology / ultrasound / x-ray)
IT Services


[wptab name=”J”] [/wptab]

[wptab name=”K”] [/wptab]

[wptab name=”L”]
Lung cancer

[wptab name=”M”]
Maternity services
Maxillofacial surgery (also called oral surgery) (provided by Bradford Teaching Hospitals)
Mobility devices care and repair service
Mobility Services[/wptab]

[wptab name=”N”]
Neurology and multiple sclerosis (MS) nurse service
Nutrition and dietetics (also called dietetics)Ai??[/wptab]

[wptab name=”O”]
Occupational therapy
Oncology (also called cancer)
Ophthalmology (also called eye care)

[wptab name=”P”]
Paediatrics (also called children’s services)
Palliative care (also called end of life care)
Parkinson’s Disease Nurse
Patient advice and liasion service (PALS)
Patient information service
Pre-operative assessment(also called surgery assessment/general surgery assessment/operation assessment)
Private Patients[/wptab]

[wptab name=”Q”] [/wptab]

[wptab name=”R”]
Radiology (also called imaging /ultrasound /x-ray)
Relative’s accommodation (also called accommodation)
Research (also called clinical trials)
Respiratory medicine

[wptab name=”S”]
Settle Health Centre
Skipton Hospital
Sleep medicine
Stroke medicine
Surgery (also called general surgery / operation)
Specialist nursing teams
Speech and language therapy
Sterile services[/wptab]

[wptab name=’T’]
The Gold Line (also called Gold Line)
Therapies and Rehabilitation [/wptab]

[wptab name=”U”]
Ultrasound (also called imaging / radiology / x-ray)
Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer
Urological Cancer [/wptab]

[wptab name=”V”]
Vascular surgery (provided by Bradford Teaching Hospitals) [/wptab]

[wptab name=”W”]
Warfarin Clinic (also called anticoagulant clinic)
Wheelchairs [/wptab]

[wptab name=”X”]
X-ray (also called imaging / ultrasound / radiology)[/wptab]

[wptab name=”Y”] [/wptab]

[wptab name=”Z”] [/wptab]