Blood tests

Pathology has a team of phlebotomy staff providing a service for the hospital and a number of outreach centres in the local community. These include Skipton General Hospital and Keighley Health Centre. The team provides a full phlebotomy service for hospital inpatients each morning, including weekends and bank holidays.

Our phlebotomy team aim to ensure your experience is as efficient and pain free as possible. We understand that people can be nervous when having blood taken and every effort is made to put you at ease. We also understand that no one wants to wait a long time so we aim to be as quick as possible in taking your blood samples. On average, the majority of patients have their blood taken in a matter of minutes. If you have any particular concerns or questions about having your blood taken please let us know at the time and we will endeavour to help.

Opening times for blood tests

These times are for adults and children aged 9 and over. For children aged 8 or under, please scroll down.

On 15 December 2020 the Phlebotomy service at Skipton General Hospital moved to The Barn at Dyneley House Surgery.  Blood tests are by appointment only. You can book online here: Appointments are available up to a week in advance.

Blood tests at Keighley Health Centre are now by appointment only. You can book online here: Appointments are available up to a week in advance.

From 26 April 2021, blood tests at Airedale outpatients will be by appointment only. You can book online here: Appointments can be booked for the following day only.

If your appointment was made by your GP, please bring your blood form with you or we may not be able to carry out your blood test.

How to book online:

  1. Select the location and week commencing for the week you want to book the appointment.

  2. Click onto “Select A Date

  3. Select “Filter by Date” and choose the day you would like to book.

  4. Select the appointment time by clicking onto “Tickets

  5. Select “Register

  6. Enter your personal details and click onto “Register

  7. Your appointment has now been booked in, no further action required.

  8. If you wish to cancel your appointment, this can be done through your confirmation email.

If you’re unable to use either online booking form or have any queries you can contact Pathology Secretaries on 01535 293475 or 293471 between 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday for further assistance.

LocationOpening timesAny other Information
Airedale HospitalMonday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pmThe phlebotomy service at Airedale is located in the Outpatients department, location A1.

Will be by appointment only from 26 April 2021. Book using the Eventbrite link above.
The Barn at Dyneley House SurgeryMonday to Friday 8.30am to 11.30 amBy appointment only. Book using the Eventbrite link above.
Keighley Health CentreMonday to Friday 8.30am to 3.30amBy appointment only. Book using the Eventbrite link above.

Children’s blood tests

For children aged 8 or under, blood tests are not routinely taken by our phlebotomists in any of the above areas. Children 3-8 years can attend the clinic in the children’s outpatient department at Airedale Hospital (location B20/building 22). Please make an appointment by calling 01535 292429.

For children aged under 3 years, please contact the children’s outpatient department on 01535 292430 to make an appointment.