Do I need to make an appointment to have my blood taken at the hospital?

No, this is not necessary. As long as you have a request form provided by your GP for the investigations you can attend the hospital to have your blood taken. Please see the opening times for the phlebotomy department. These can be found on this site and will ensure you attend when there is someone available to take your blood.

 I need to attend to have my blood taken; do I come to Pathology for this?

Unfortunately there are no facilities for taking blood within the department. You will need to attend the phlebotomy service which is located in the main outpatient entrance foyer at Airedale General Hospital.

Where is the pathology department located in the hospital?

The pathology department is at location number C46 on the ground floor at the east end of the main hospital corridor. During opening hours, please speak to our reception team who will advise you. Out of hours, please press the intercom button and someone will welcome you at the door.

Can you ever give me my blood results over the telephone?

We are unable to give you your test results directly over the telephone as tests are requested by doctors and GP’s and the results are rarely used in isolation when determining the cause of your illness. The results must be returned to the Healthcare Professional that originally requested the investigations so that they can be used when discussing your condition with you directly. This approach also helps the pathology department assure the confidentiality of your results. Please contact your doctor regarding your pathology test results.

I need to bring in a semen sample; can I bring the sample in at any time?

If the sample is being submitted following a vasectomy you do not require an appointment and you can bring in the sample any time Monday-Friday between 9.00am and 4.00pm. All other requests for semen analysis, such as fertility studies, require an appointment and these are arranged by pathology upon receipt of details from your doctor.

I need to bring a sample (e.g. urine, blood, etc) into the department; do I need to do this at any specific time?

It is preferable that we receive these samples within the normal working hours of the laboratory. For details of these please see the opening times section on the website.

 I have been told that I need a container for a 24 hour urine collection. Where can I get these from?

These are generally provided by your doctor however they can be supplied by the pathology department if required. Please bring your pathology request form with you when collecting the container as the type of container may differ depending on the investigation(s) requested.

How long will it take for my test results to be ready?

Different tests take different lengths of time. Most tests are performed on site at Airedale and should be completed within one week. Other more complicated tests are sent to specialist centres and may take several weeks. It is always best to ask your doctor when they request the tests to give you some idea.

Can I eat and drink before I have a blood test?

In the majority of cases you can eat and drink before having a blood test. However, there are some tests that require you to fast before having your blood taken. Your doctor should give you instructions on what to do before having your blood taken.