PC010040The Pharmacy’s role is to support the safe and effective use of all medicines for all our patients. This includes inpatients, on discharge and at outpatient clinics. Every prescription is reviewed by a pharmacist to ensure it is safe and appropriate for the patient. Medicines are prepared and labelled by pharmacy technicians and pharmacy assistants and checked by a pharmacist or pharmacy technician.

As well as running a dispensary the Pharmacy department provides the following services –

  • Ward based Clinical Pharmacy services
  • Preparation of injectable medicines including cancer chemotherapy drugs and intravenous feeding solutions
  • Medicines Information Service
  • Pharmacist-led anticoagulant e.g. warfarin clinics both within the hospital and in community settings
  • Medicines Safety – learning from incidents, complaints and concerns
  • Purchasing and distribution of medicines for wards and departments
  • Education of nursing and medical staff about medicines
  • Supply of medicines under clinical trial