For Researchers/Staff

If you are planning a project, you must firstly decide whether it is deemed as research, audit or a service evaluation. The leaflet Defining Research issued by the national Research Ethics Service provides useful information to help you decide. If you are still unsure, the R&D team at Airedale will be able to help.

If your project is research it will usually require ethics approval and Trust R&D approval. The R&D team can help you by offering the following services:

  • Advice and guidance on formulating your idea through to writing a protocol;

  • Advice and guidance on navigating the R&D and ethics application process

  • Information on the documentation you will need for your application;

  • Advice on the local research governance process;

  • Information on possible sources of funding;

  • Advice about Research Passports, Honorary Contracts and Letters of Access.

All applications requiring ethics and R&D approval must be made via the Integrated Research Application Service (IRAS) website ( It is simple and free to open an account, and the R&D team can offer assistance in navigating the site if required.

To assist you, there is a Trust research application pack which you can download. This contains further information and a checklist to assist you with your application.