Symptom management

Within the cardiac rehabilitation service our specialist nurses will aim to help patients understand their symptoms with an aim to self-management and improved quality of life. To learn more about possible symptoms that may be related to your heart please click on the following links.

To learn more about Angina please click here.

Shortness of breath
This can be for many reasons, and before you worry consider why you are short of breath. Have you just exercised? Or exerted yourself? If so, it can be normal to be out of breath. To learn more please click here.

Leg and ankle swelling (Oedema)
Many people get some element of ankle swelling when they have been on their feet all day, it can be nothing to worry about. To learn a little more about what do about it and whether you need to seek further help please click here.

To learn more about dizziness please click here.

To learn more about tiredness please click here.

Cold hands and feet
It can be normal to have cold hands and feet if you are on beta blockers. If so take measures to wrap up warmly, such as thicker socks and gloves. If you have cold hands or feet, and one is different to the other, is pale, painful, a strange colour then you need to see a doctor.

Erectile dysfunction
To learn more about erectile dysfunction please click here.