Respiratory specialist nurse service

??????????????????We are a team of three respiratory nurse specialists who support patients with a chronic lung condition such as COPD, chronic asthma and pulmonary fibrosis.

We work in the hospital setting and in the community. As part of our role in the hospital we see patients who have been admitted with a flare up of their COPD and review elements of their disease by using a COPD discharge bundle. This enables us to discuss inhaler technique and offer an alternative device if appropriate.

We also discuss the smoking service available and refer those patients who wish to give up but who need support.

We actively promote a treatment option known as pulmonary rehabilitation. This is an 8 week exercise programme designed for patients with a lung condition and also provides educational sessions and support.

As part of the bundle we review patients at home within two weeks of discharge, when possible, if they live in the Airedale, Wharfedale or Craven area. For those patients who don’t we make sure they are supported by a health care professional closer to home.

As part of our community work we review patients in their own homes. We offer a complex and holistic assessment which then enables us to plan care and set realistic goals with our patients.

We believe that our patients are the experts in their condition and our aim is to promote self care to support the patient to live the best quality of life possible.

We work extremely closely with other health care professionals such as GP’s, consultants, practice nurses, ward staff, collaborative teams, nurse practitioners and district nurses.

We provide educational sessions and clinical advice to health care professionals in primary and secondary care.