Specialist continence service

We are a community based service led by a continence nurse specialist working in partnership with women’s health physiotherapists, consultants, colo-rectal and urology nurse specialist, GP’s and community nurses.

The service aims to

  • Promote continence
  • Undertake detailed individualised assessment
  • Offer treatment and/or management options based on individual need
  • Improve people’s quality of life and promote dignity and independence

The service provides assessment, treatment and advice for adults (registered with a Craven GP) with bladder and/or bowel problems. Advice, exercises, teaching intermittent self-catheterisation, advice regarding containment products and other continence specific aids.

Clinics are held at both Skipton General Hospital and Settle Health Centre. Patients in their own homes who are not mobile will be seen by district nurses in the first instance.

A similar service is provided to patients living in the Airedale and Wharfedale areas by the Bradford continence service tel: 01274 221167.