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Image of Woman Smiling

Lianne Robinson

Chief Nurse Area of responsibility Lianne was appointed in April 2024 providing professional leadership for all Nurses, Midwives, Allied Health Professionals and Healthcare scientists. She has executive oversight of safeguarding…
16 May 2024
Photo of Paul Rice

Paul Rice

Chief Digital and Information Officer Committee membership Finance, Performance and Digital Committee  External Appointments Chief Digital and Information Officer, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Trustee Yorkshire Cancer Research Qualifications…
2 December 2021
Image of Fiona smiling, no background

Fiona Barr

Director of Corporate Affairs Area of responsibility Fiona joined the Trust in December 2022 and manages all aspects of the Trust’s corporate governance framework, working closely with the Board of…
2 December 2021
Photo of Stuart Shaw

Stuart Shaw

Director of Strategy, Planning and Partnerships Area of responsibility Stuart is responsible for the development of Trust Strategy, leading the Planning Framework, developing greater Partnership working and for Business and…
2 December 2021
Joanne Harrison

Joanne Harrison

Director of People and Organisational Development Area of responsibility Joanne was appointed in September 2019 and takes a pivotal role in putting our people at the centre of the Trusts…
2 December 2021
Picture of Leanne Cooper smiling

Leanne Cooper

Chief Operating Officer Area of responsibility As Chief Operating Officer, Leanne is responsible for the day to day operational management of the Trust’s clinical services, the achievement of national, regional…
2 December 2021
Mike Savage

Mike Savage

Director of Finance Area of responsibility As Executive Director of Finance, Mike is responsible for the leadership of the Finance and Information departments. This includes the overall financial stewardship of…
2 December 2021
Photo of David Crampsey

David Crampsey

Medical Director Area of responsibility As Executive Medical Director, David is responsible for the professional leadership of the Medical workforce, medical education and training. David also shares responsibility for the…
2 December 2021
Photo of Foluke Ajayi

Foluke Ajayi

Chief Executive Officer Area of responsibility As Chief Executive and Accounting Officer, Foluke is responsible for ensuring individual/patient and population needs are at the fore of all we do; and…
1 December 2021