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West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership (WYHCP) is set to support World Diabetes Day, marked every year on 14 November, and is asking all local communities to get involved.

The aim of the day is to raise awareness about diabetes and promote better understanding of this chronic health condition. This year’s theme, “Preventing Diabetes: It’s About You” emphasises the importance of individual actions in preventing and managing diabetes.

Diabetes is a significant public health concern affecting millions of people worldwide. There are currently around 159,435 people in West Yorkshire registered with type 2 diabetes, and 160,500 at risk of type 2 diabetes, with more people at risk who haven’t yet been identified.

World Diabetes Day serves as a reminder that everyone can play a crucial role in reducing the risk of diabetes and improving the quality of life for those living with the condition.

Hannah Beba, consultant pharmacist for the WYHCP Diabetes Programme: ‘Preventing type 2 diabetes is about acting now to make a difference for your health in the years ahead. We want to help people know their risk and support people to access diabetes screening.

“Although there are factors which contribute to diabetes that we can’t change, people can reduce their risk significantly with some small lifestyle changes. These changes can also reduce the risk of other diseases such as cardiovascular disease and certain cancers.

“Doing more exercise, eating healthier meals and managing mental wellbeing can all help improve physical health and reduce the risk of someone developing a long-term condition like diabetes. The Partnership is committed to working with people living with risk of diabetes to understand more about how best to support them to reduce their risk and help them manage their condition.”

Sarah De Biase, programme manager for WYHCP Diabetes Programme

“Every one of us can do more to support those living with diabetes by ensuring positive interactions; these can lead to more positive outcomes. Only through lived experience of diabetes – be this as the person living with diabetes or those supporting and/or caring for them – can we truly understand what it means to live with the condition.

“If we take time to appreciate the impact diabetes has on people,  this would no doubt motivate more people to take responsibility for reducing their own risk (and that of others including children) of developing diabetes. We must work in partnership to support those living with diabetes through empowering individuals to self-manage and being fully inclusive.

“Let each of us reach out to those we know living with or impacted by diabetes on 14 November.”

Activities to mark World Diabetes Day across West Yorkshire include:

  1. Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership and Diabetes UK Diabetes UK – Know diabetes. Fight diabetes. | Diabetes UK will host a Know Your Risk: Understanding your risk factors for diabetes event at Airedale Shopping Centre on Wednesday 16 November.
  2. Healthy lifestyle resources which promote a balanced diet, regular physical activity, and maintaining a healthy body weight as effective ways to prevent type 2 diabetes and manage type 1 and gestational diabetes are available here: Diabetes Network :: West Yorkshire Health & Care Partnership (
  3. WYHCP will host a lunch and learn event for health and social care professionals on ’Access to diabetes care’.
  4. Building Community Support: A supportive community which encourages diabetes awareness, and a healthy lifestyle can make a significant difference in diabetes prevention and management. The WYHCP long-term conditions team will all wear blue to work.
  5. Early Diagnosis: Early detection through regular check-ups and monitoring can help individuals manage their diabetes effectively and prevent complications. Do you know your if you are at risk of type 2 diabetes? Why not check your risk here? Diabetes UK – Know Your Risk of Type 2 diabetes  For more information speak to a healthcare practitioner.