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Effective procurement is crucial for achieving the Trust’s procurement strategy and in particular to secure best value public service.

It can also help the Trust meet its wider objectives of supporting businesses, helping the regeneration of the local economy, reducing administrative costs and minimising the Trust’s overall impact on the environment.

The Trust aims to continually improve procurement processes and work with the supply based to minimise the costs of buying for the Trust and ensure that contacts provide value for money for the Trust, and deliver a fair deal for suppliers.

The Procurement department has the following main responsibilities:

  • Providing a professional procurement and supplies service to Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, AGH Solutions Ltd, Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust and ILS LLP
  • Tendering and managing of NHS contracts, and high value complex contracts.
  • Working collaboratively with other NHS organisations
  • Supporting small to medium sized enterprises
  • Publication of notices required under The Public Contracts Regulations 2015
  • Ensuring compliance with all NHS and National Legislation

Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (SME)

Airedale NHS Foundation trust is committed to delivering its Procurement Strategy. The strategy refers to working with small and medium sized enterprise. Airedale recognises the important contribution that small businesses can make to the delivery of public services and the vital role these businesses play in the national and local health economy.

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Oliver Golledge, Head of Procurement
01535 294994