Trade Unions

Here at Airedale we have a strong and effective partnership with our Trade Union colleagues.  We have a number of recognised Trade Unions in the organisation. 

There is a list of our currently recognised Trade Unions here:

[prettyfilelink size=”” src=”” type=”pdf”]Recognised Trade Unions Trust January 2021[/prettyfilelink]

Our partnership agreement is here:

[prettyfilelink size=”” src=”” type=”pdf”]Partnership Agreement[/prettyfilelink]

We continue to work in partnership on workforce changes, new ways of working, health and safety and how we achieve our Right Care values and behaviours.  Any individual is able to join a recognised trade union at any point in their employment with us and we would support any contact with a trade union representative.

We regularly review facility time in line with the Facility Time legislation as outlined in our annual report:

[prettyfilelink size=”” src=”” type=”pdf”]2019-2020 Trade Union Facility Time[/prettyfilelink]