Easy Read

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  • You can use the Easyhealth website to find health information that is easy to read and understand.

  • We can print easy read leaflets for you from other health websites.

  • We can also help you to order easy read books and dvds on health topics.

  • Just get in touch.


What can you find on this site?


You can read and print leaflets about health, food and exercise.

You can watch health videos.

You can find out about useful things for your health care, and useful organisations.

Good health care for all

You can get advice and tips about using the NHS.

You can find out what to expect and how to get help.

Questions to ask

You can find out what to ask when you go:

- to the doctor

- or to a hospital

Macmillan Cancer Support

You can read about cancer, including:

- signs of cancer;
- tests for cancer;
- types of cancer;
- treatment;
- living with cancer.


You can read about having your eyes tested and wearing glasses.

You can find out about eye problems and eye operations.